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Drake Taming as of July 2016 Empty Drake Taming as of July 2016

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:10 pm

Annunaki Mod

 Drakes are no longer tameble with meat and treats. You have to kill one without knocking it out first and loot a Drake Trophy from it. Then you need to create a Drake Tribute with the Drake Trophy. Once you have that you knock a Drake out and place the tribute in its inv which will tame it.

Recent Annunaki Mod Updates:

Version 3.10.0

This is an ADK update, meaning it will be updated when a new ADK is released

★ Updated the PGD & TGM with the latest ADK data
★ Lowered the spawn rate of Silver Zomdodo's significantly
> Silver Zomdodo's now have a chance to give a silver treat
★ Added v243 Engrams
★ Added v243 Spawn Tables & Updated current Spawn Tables

★ Added Titanosaurus
★ Added back the Unclaim option for Drakes & Ubers
★ Alpha Giga can now be damaged properly
NOTELet us know if it works again!
★ Further increase the rota of the Dragons
★ Apex' now drop a lot of Black Pearls

★ Added v243 Items
★ Added v243 Structures
[more notes to come]

Version 3.9.12

★ Redone the Drake Spawn Rates
NOTEThey should now appear more often.
Let us know if this ain't the case
★ Reduced the amount of Zomdodo's by 50%
★ Golden Dodo's now appear more often
★ Adjusted the high pitch sounds for the BA Ice Hits

★ Additional Dino Balancement Adjustments
> Wardens are tweaked
> Celestials are tweaked
> Ubers are tweaked
> Alpha's are tweaked
> Golden Dodo's are tweaked
> Giganotosaurus is tweaked
★ Greatly reduced the recoil/impulse knockback of Wyvern/Drake ragdolls
Let us know if this helps!
★ Silver Zomdodo now spawns on the beach very rare
★ Silver Zomdodo is now easier to kill (even for beginning tribes/players)
NOTEThis way beginning tribes/players have an equal chance of obtaining the silver treats.
★ Celestials don't wander anymore when they are spawned
NOTEThey do retaliate when provoked
★ Raphus has a new look!
★ Dodorex now drops 1 of the required Trophy's random
★ Fixed (Champ) Quetz now being able to grab
★ Fixed compatibility with other Dino mods! 

★ Replaced the Drake trophies for 1 single Trophy which drops from all Drakes
NOTEYou'll need to use remote use item when in the inventory to tame the Drake until we have this sorted out.
★ Silver Treats description are now correct
★ Survivor Notes are now removed from the mod
NOTEWe'll add them back at a later point.
★ Some item requirements tweaked
> Reduced the Resources of the Ubers' Saddles by 50%
> Reduced the Black Pearls amount of the Saddles by 50%
> Sedative Narcotic now requires 100 Narcotic instead of 300
> Detox Elixer now requires 100 Stimulants instead of 300

Version 3.9.11

★ Increased Player Level to 120
★ Increased Player Engram gain to level 110
★ Doubled the Drake/Uber Spawn Rates
★ Added Engram for the Drake Tribute
★ Added Engram for the Boss Tribute
★ Added Drake Trophies to the Loot of the Drakes
★ Added Boss Trophies to the Loot of the Ubers

★ Prime Alpha's now deal 35% less damage
★ Tweaked the rotation of the Dragons slightly
★ Increased the damage of the Celestials by 100%
★ Removed the Primal Ubers from the mod
★ Fixed the flyer turning up/down speed & grabbing
[more notes to come]

★ XP Potions now give 1000% instead of 100%
★ Some item requirements tweaked
★ Fixed an item loopback error which caused massive lag in some instances
★ Added Drake Trophies
★ Added Drake Tribute
NOTEThis can be crafted at the Annunaki Workbench and requires Drake Trophies to craft, whereby it can be used to tame the Drakes.
★ Added the Boss Tribute
NOTEThis can be crafted at the Annunaki Workbench and requires Boss Trophies to craft, whereby it can be used to tame the Uber creatures.
★ Removed the Uber Tributes
★ Silver Treats are redone, you'll need to re-obtain them
> They can now instantly tame any knocked out creature
> They have an 24 hour cooldown

Version 3.9.10

For those with low creature HP since a server restart. This is because you’ve changed your Game.INI to an amount that Ark doesn’t support, whereby you overwrite the 255 Stat Allocation, thereby a Server configuration issue and not a mod issue.

★ Wyverns (incl. Primordius) Firebreath now has a slightly longer range
★ Celestials now have 40% increased Melee Damage & Base Health
★ Increased Primordius’ Firebreath Attack Speed by 30%
★ Gorilla's, Dodorex' & Broodmothers now take 25% less Damage passive from all sources
★ Gorilla’s & Dodorex’ now have 35% increased Melee Damage
★ Gorilla’s & Dodorex’ can now jump a lot higher
★ Silver Zomdodo’s are now a lot tougher
★ Wild Golden Dodo’s are now a lot tougher
★ Fixed an issue whereby Wardens wouldn’t take damage
★ (Hopefully) Fixed the issue regarding other Dino mods compatibility

★ Silver Treats now have a 80% taming amount
★ Golden & Silver -Treats now drop from the inventory, instead of being harvestable
★ Golden Treats now take 100% longer to spoil
★ Insignia's now have more simplified icons

Unversioned Hotfix

Mod Cleanup requires a folder wipe - We recommend doing so when the hotfix goes live

★ Reverted the Dragon/Drake textures back to pre-3.9.9
★ Drake spawnrate slightly increased
★ Mod Cleanup which increases performance
NOTEYou'll need to wipe your mod folder both client & server

★ Removed the debuffs of the Warden Minions
★ Wardens are now level 600 again
★ Primal Broodmother now gives the correct resources when harvested
★ Adjusted the angle of rotation for Wyverns/Drakes to turn faster
★ Fixed the damage increase for the Wyverns/Drakes by 25%

★ Reduced the cooldown of Silver Treats to 5 minutes (instead of 30)

Version 3.9.9

This is an ADK (Ark Dev Kit) Update

★ Level Scaling hasn't been fixed yet for The Center, therefore we can't fix it either
• NOTEWill remain at the current setting
★ Updated Core with the latest ADK
★ Spawn Rate Adjustments
• Poison Argent slightly increased
• Primal Wyvern & Wyverns slightly decreased
• Drake's slightly increased
• Mormaw slightly increased
★ REDONE: base damage, base dmgtype, debuffs for most NPC creatures
• Prime Alpha's no longer deal gnash damage (except Alpha Giga)
• Tributes no longer deal gnash damage
★ Alpha gestation breeding FIXED

★ Added Diplodocus
• Has 2 types of attacks, LMB = Nudge (doesn't deal damage), RMB = Tail Swipe, C = Footstomp (both deal damage, only Footstomp harvests berries)
★ Added Leech
★ Drakes now have a new texture!
★ Drakes & Wyverns now have emissive eye coloring!
★ Wyverns now have a custom texture, which can be completely admin repainted!
• Region 1: Body
• Region 2: Neck
• Region 3: Chest + Spine
• Region 4: Spikes Head
• Region 5: Spikes Neck + Scars
• Region 6: Inner Wings
★ Additional Dino Balancement Adjustments
• Wardens are now level 900
• Wyverns/Drakes have a new rotation method
NOTEThe Dragon's head now turns individually from it's torso.
• Wyverns/Drakes Firebreath range decreased
• Wyverns/Drakes are now stronger both tamed/untamed
• Wyverns/Drakes now properly land
• Wyverns/Drakes now gain more Stamina tamed
• Prime & Untamed A-Giga's are now more dangerous!
• Tamed A-Giga's are now 10% nerfed in melee damage
• Zomdodo's now carry debuffs with them which torpor you when you hit them
★ Golden Dodo can now only be tamed with veggies
★ Alice & Psycho are now disabled
★ Increased step damage radius of A-Giga, Dodorex, Gorilla & Raphus
★ Fixed Primordius, Wyverns & Drakes not properly landing or landing 100m further away.

★ Added Training Dummy
★ Adjusted some item descriptions
★ Increased the cooldown of the Silver Treats
★ Reworked the Annunaki Poison Arrows/Darts/Metal Arrows
• Annu Arrows now deal 600% weapon damage as Torpor + 5% Torpidity over 10 seconds
• Annu Darts now deal 1800% weapon damage as Torpor + 10% Torpidity over 10 seconds
• Annu Poison Metal Arrows now deal 7500% weapon damage as Torpor + 35% Torpidity over 10 seconds
★ Baby Food now has double crafting requirements and gives 50% less food
★ Fixed some issues with the Torpor Arrows/Darts/Metal Arrows
★ Smough now spawns in the Grasslands, to make it compatible with The Center map
★ Removed the Annu 3-seater Saddle completely until properly fixed

Unversioned Hotfix

★ Odracir has a new attack pattern to counteract the excessive lag generated
★ Some Prime Alpha's give Black Pearls when harvested
NOTEThis is done in accordance with the newly added Alpha Mosasaurus
★ Meaty/Lunar Fang can now properly level up in Speed
★ Removed % damage from Primal Ubers
NOTEIf it's too high or low, we'll change it towards 'balance' via feedback of the community. We don't take multipliers into account.
★ Fixed an issue with the Essences giving nothing in general
★ Fixed the Broodmothers ability to run (and rubberband)

Version 3.9.8

★ Spawn Rate Adjustments
• Mormaw slightly increased
★ Reduced the Essence Harvesting Rate
★ Fixed the Profile Entry for Bokito

★ Giga's are redone from scratch, to eliminate ALL possible entries for the people that are having the random crashes.
NOTEFor everyone that doesn't crash, REMOVE all items + saddle from your Giga, since you'll need to re-tame one after this update!
★ Minions now despawn as well after a small while when the Warden is defeated
★ Primal Minions now despawn as well after a small while when the Primal is defeated
★ Additional Dino Balancement Adjustments
• Tamable Broodmothers can no longer run, but now have optimized movement speed
★ Oblivion's dimensional aura is now 25% smaller
★ Meaty's minions are now called Meatling
★ Fixed Wyvern/Drake's now land when out of stamina (like the Ptera)
★ Fixed Meaty's Inventory can now be accessed
★ Fixed Wyverns O2 meter
★ Fixed an issue whereby Primals wouldn't apply their debuffs

★ Annunaki Metal Poison Arrows now deal 45% more base torpor on hit (scales with Bow quality) + an additional 30% over 10 seconds
★ Drake Saddle now cost 100% more engram points to learn

Unversioned Hotfix

★ Alice (Alice's Personal Creature) can now be console tamed
NOTEis not debatable for change and meant for fun purposes - use at your own discretion - "cheat summon alice_character_bp_gns_c"
★ Spawn Rate Adjustments
• Gorilla's slightly increased
• Ice Drake slightly increased
• Prime Alpha Dodo's decreased
• Wyverns slightly increased
★ Reduced Broodmother Minion's torpor output by 2/3
★ Meaty has a few upgrades and can now be forcetamed
★ Raphus can now jump very high
★ Removed Pooping Effect when near Oblivion
★ Harvest Rate of Essences & Golden Treats decreased
★ (Tamable) Broodmother Minions will now despawn after 60 seconds
★ Fixed a looping GFX error which caused lag
★ Fixed a typo in some Dino tags

Version 3.9.7

★ Warden Spawn Rate is slightly reduced
★ (Prime) Alpha Dodo & Dilo Spawn Rate is slightly reduced
★ Reflect Damage has been greatly reduced
★ Zomdodo's no longer deal a movement speed when in range
★ Ubers now have a minimal level of 300
★ (tamable) Alpha's now have a minimal level of 150

★ Tribute's now deal less damage
★ Apex' now deal less damage
★ Warden Minions no longer deal damage vs Metal Structures

Unversioned Hotfix

★ Fixed an issue whereby Carno Isle would slow you down
★ Fixed an issue whereby Zomdodo's would apply random Torpor
★ Fixed an issue with the Vault not being able to access - We've kept the small vault size!
NOTEYou can either do a server rollback, or pickup the Vault for the items to appear

Version 3.9.6

★ Wild Creature spawns are now 1-600
★ Badass' now have their own tag via Creature Type (e.g. BadassRex)
NOTENow 'The Center' Server Owners can adjust the spawnrate to their preference
★ Spawn Rate Adjustments
• Wardens slightly increased
• Gorilla's slightly increased
• Wyvern's slightly increased
• Primals slightly increased
• Badass Snow slightly decreased
• Badass Carno's slightly decreased
• Badass Argent's slightly decreased
• Elite Dimorph slighty decreased

★ Oblivion has been activated | can be summoned via console commands
NOTEIf you don't want him to spawn, I advise you to disable him
★ Psycho (Psycho's Personal Creature) can now be console tamed
NOTEis not debatable for change and meant for fun purposes - use at your own discretion - "cheat summon psycho_character_bp_gns_c"
★ New Tribute Added!
★ Dino Balancements Adjustments
• Torpor output from (Primal) Broodmothers greatly nerfed
• Torpor output from (Primal) Broodmothers Minions greatly nerfed
• Corpse lifespan of (Primal) Broodmothers greatly nerfed
• Broodmother minions amount has been reduced to 8 (instead of 15) minions
• Broodmother minions now take more distance when following
• Wardens now summon 6 (instead of Cool minions
• Wardens now deal 10% additional % damage with their custom ability
• Wardens summon minion ability has a greatly higher cooldown
• Celestials now have their harvesting rate greatly nerfed
• Gorilla's now have a smaller aggro range
• (Prime) Alpha Giga's now have a smaller aggro range
NOTEPerformance Boost
• Removed the stone wrecking ability of tamable Gorilla's & Giganotosaurus' when running
NOTEPerformance Boost
★ Tamable Alpha's can now eat (not be tamed with) berries for herbivores / raw meat for carnivores
★ Fixed Raphus' 'C' Fireball ability
★ Fixed some display notifications when creatures are killed

★ Warchief Armor Set now has proper insulation added
★ Fixed an texture bug with the Warden Costume Icons
★ Fixed an issue with the Warden Essence that where bugged
NOTEID's are remapped, you'll need to re-obtain/cheat them

Version 3.9.5

★ Spawn Rate Adjustments
• Primals slightly increased
• Alpha Giga's slightly decreased
• Broodmothers slighty decreased
• Badass Beavers slightly decreased
★ Adjusted some AIcontrollers for better PvE surroundings
• Primals are now less fast provoked/aggro

★ (Tamed) Gorilla's have a new devestating knockback attack with "C"
★ Elite Monkey can now harvest berries as well
★ Primals now deal less damage
★ Primals now take more damage
★ Warden Feedback implemented
• Warden Minions are now a bit tougher
• Gnashor | Now deals less damage
• Karkinos | No longer hides under ground Wink
• Bokito | Can no be harvester | Has a higher ability interval
• Peridition | Now summons minions correctly
• Mormaw | No longer swims in circles
★ Removed Rage Mechanic from Gorilla's & Dodorexy
★ Primal Broodmother's ranged damage has been nerfed

★ Uber Saddle requirements redone
★ Baby Food requirementss redone
★ Boosters & XP Potions have new icons
★ Booster Cooldown increased by 100%
★ Bokito's Essence is added to the Matrix
★ Fixed Essences can now be properly harvested

Version 3.9.4

★ Spawn Rate Adjustments
• Wardens slightly increased
• Zomdodo's greatly decreased
• (Prime) Alpha's slightly increased
• Primals slightly increased
• Broodmothers slightly decreased
• Celestials slightly decreased
• Silver Zomdodo's slighty increased
★ Breeding Timers Redone
★ Damage Types adjusted for Role Purpose

★ Lady Wyverns now have an greatly increased rate to spawn Wink
★ Warden ability damage nerfed by 10% + increased interval
★ Warden Minion damage increased by 25%
★ Celestial ability (untamed) damage nerfed by 10%
★ Primals have a larger range to give their Insignia's
★ Alpha's no longer deal damage vs Metal Structures
NOTEThis doesn't count for Prime Alpha's
★ Fixed an issue whereby Primals would attack their counterpart

★ Annunaki Poison Arrows/Darts/Metal Poison Arrows now deal a prolonged debuff.
NOTEThis will give you more time to walk up to your tame
[more notes to come]
★ Increased the cooldown of Silver Treats
★ Nerfed the taming value of Silver Treats to 35%
★ Silver Treats now stack in 5
★ Golden Treats & Silver Treats now have a 100% increased spoiling time
NOTEThis means it will take twice as long as before to spoil
★ Fixed Players geting the wrong Warchief helmet
NOTEYou may need to re-obtain it
★ Fixed the description of the Warchief Armor Set

Unversioned Hotfix

★ Re-Cook to fix the 'flying' Giganotosaurus'
★ Re-Created the Skeleton for the Gorilla with the latest of the Dev Kit
NOTEIt might be that your current Gorilla doesn't work any longer and that you need to re-tame one
★ Minions in general are now only summoned by a NPC when in combat with a player or tamed creature
★ Increased the BA spawn rate by 300%
★ Nerfed Lunar Fang spawn rate
★ Nerfed the Ubers spawn rate
★ Prime Alpha's now take 50% more damage from all sources
★ Prime Alpha's now deal 20% less damage
★ Armor Sets now have the correct Armor Value
NOTEFlak < Riot < Alpha < Warden < Warchief
★ Fixed Broodmother's insane damage
★ Fixed Broodmother minions attacking eachother
★ Fixed Primordius now lands
★ Fixed Armor Rating now scaling properly based on it's quality

Version 3.9.3

★ Updated the PGD with the latest Dev Kit
★ Adjusted the Camera Angle of the rideable Dodo's & BA Beavers
★ Prime Alpha + Alpha's now spawn less in general
★ Added a new mechanic! Wardens and the Primal DodoRex now summon reinforcements!
★ When a Prime Alpha spawns, there is now a 50% chance a tamable Alpha spawns with it
★ There is now a server message whenever someone tames a Raphus or a Primordius
★ Remapped and Redone ALL the Spawn Zones with the lates up-to-date zones
NOTEnow all original spawn tables are used, for maximum map compatibility

★ Added Lystrosaurus
★ Added Arthropluera
★ Added Sabertooth Salmon
★ Raphus & Primordius are now considered Herbivores
NOTEThis means they only attack when provoked
★ Additional Dino Balance Adjustments
• Broodmothers now take passive 25% less damage from all resources
• Dodorex' Fireballs are now faster with their hit destination
NOTEThis doesn't count for Broodmother Lysrix and the Primal Broodmother
★ Redone drag weight values for the Ark Boss fights
★ Redone the Melee Sounds for Primordius
NOTEThis should fix the full frontal sound issues - If not, let us know!
★ Silitha is disabled for now - Needs some rebalancing
★ Fixed an issue whereby the debuff of the Warchief would cause massive lag
★ Fixed an issue whereby the Wardens wouldn't use their custom skill
★ Fixed Badass Bigfoot not harvesting on wander
★ Fixed Alpha Bigfoot not harvesting on wander
★ Fixed an issue whereby Primordius is territorial instead of neutral
★ Fixed an issue whereby a tamed Broodmother wouldn't spawn minions

★ Current Warchief Crown can now randomly drop from killing a Warden
NOTEThis was previously a Warchief only drop.
★ Added Odracir's Armor
NOTEThis is better then the Warden Armor Set and drops only from the Warchief, guaranteed full armor set
★ Rebalanced the Armor Sets
★ Added Primitive Bola's
★ Alpha Armor, Warden Armor, Lance all have better icons!
★ Fixed Zomdodo costumes can now be properly worn by Elite & Alpha -Dodo's
★ Sedative Narcotics & Detox Elixers now require level 60 to learn
★ Sedative Narcotics & Detox Elixers now stack in 10
★ Status Boosters are now more expensive to craft
★ Annunaki Smithy has been set to 300/300
NOTEWe highly recommend using a stacking mod for crafting Celestial Items


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