Update 243 coming Wednesday 6/22

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Update 243 coming Wednesday 6/22 Empty Update 243 coming Wednesday 6/22

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:06 pm

Update 243 coming Wednesday 6/22 305ECBDBD35AE199060A6EDF1CA199A759608526

Harvest lumber from these gigantic arbors to create your fortress super high up in the air, providing a safer place to to build a village as well as providing height advantage for a superb tactical defense stance, or tap into the massive redwoods to extract their sap for healthy concoctions. 

Update 243 coming Wednesday 6/22 0F8157B48D9C9B8784F400279E657DAE8589EBD8

Also making its debut in ARK v243, the extremely rare Titanosaur (Titanosaurus Vagacastrum) is the largest creature found on ARK island, operating for many players as a mobile superfortress capable of ferrying obscene amounts of weight, structures, defenses and creatures upon its back. 

Update 243 coming Wednesday 6/22 CBE6B53B3C04E04C2AA8F9213CE05629E07A6FF9

Essentially a walking mountain, this herbivore often crushes creatures and buildings within its path and takes issue with any creature invading his personal space.

Upcoming Version: v243, ETA: June 22
- New Creature: Titanosaurus!
- New Item: Gas Mask!
- New Item: Herbivore "TastyCakes"
- New Item: Chain Bola Ammo for Ballista Turret!
- New Structure: Retractable Rope Ladders!
- New Structure: Tree Sap Taps!
- New Structures: Wood and Metal Tree Platforms!
- New Mechanic: Custom Tripwire Alarm Notifications via SurviveTheArk.com (E-mail and Forum). Optionally Tribes can post to arbritrary URL, if they have a custom system! Now if someone's raiding your base, you can get on top of it! Wink 
- Breeding Mechanics Phase 3: Random Mutations and Family Trees
- Biome Update: Snow Extension & New Redwood Forests (this is a major environmental overhaul!)
- Ruins & Explorer Notes
- GroundClutter effect extended 50% further and +20% more GPU efficiency
- Approximate +5% GPU performance improvement related to more efficient foliage culling
- Approximate +10% Server CPU gains related to more network multi-threading
- Added option to disable Inventory Sounds. Yeah Wink
- Balled Doed's are no longer invincible to Tamed Dino melee attacks -- now just very, very resistant to them.
- Magnfiying Glass now displays creature Torpor stats (on Wild creatures too).
- Tribe Alliances now disabled in Offline Raid mode (too complex to determine if anyone in an Alliance is around), C4/Traps can no longer be placed near Offline-Raid Protected Structures, and Offline-Raid mode now forces all Structures to be Lockable so that players can "Lock" Crop Plots to prevent their turrets from being disabled.
- New Server Option: "?PreventTribeAlliances=true" to prevent tribe alliances
- Engagement with Wild Naturally-Fleeing & Small creatures (tiny bugs etc) no longer trigger combat music
- Tamed Dinos that are following a submerged allied Target will not attempt to float to the surface of the water, but rather will attempt to stay at the depth of their allied Target. (helpful when deliberately going deep-diving your tamed land Dinos). However, Dinos that are capable of suffocating will try to surface if they are out of Oxygen regardless!
- Vaults can no longer be dropped onto saddle platforms
- Transfer-All/Drop-All methods now only drop/transfer what is currently disabled in the inventory, respecting any filters/folders you may have active (so for example, if you're within a folder, it will only transfer those items, or if you have a text filter active, etc).
- Fixed an issue where pillars were not being calculated correctly as foundations when building pillars downwards


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